Learning To Drive Snow and Bad Weather

While it is not advisable for you as a complete beginner to take lessons in snow conditions especially since the DSA will not normally conduct a test in heavy adverse weather conditions, it is not a bad idea if you have reached the test standard to ask your supervising driver to take you out in the snow to learn a few skills.

As a learner driver, you can learn how to avoid skids, understand what black ice is and how it affects the road conditions as well as practice the increased stopping distances involved with snow.

You might also want to consider taking Driving lessons in Snow using an instructors dual controlled car as it is safer.

Learning To Drive Roundabouts

If you are learning to drive without an instructor you need to make sure that you know how to deal with every type of junction that you might encounter on the DSA UK car test, and roundabouts in particular can be tricky for inexperienced provisional driving licence holders.

On this page I will list a few resources that will help you learn and gain more experience with this important driving skill.

You need to know that it takes a lot of practice to become confident in dealing with roundabouts so do not be discouraged if after a few lessons with your supervisor you do not seem to be making progress.

Learner Driver Roundabouts Videos

Make sure you get rid of a common mistake many learners commit on mini roundabouts stopping for traffic or vehicles approaching fast from the left.

Know how to indicate at roundbouts and the use of appropriate lanes.

It is also a good idea before taking a driving test to have a few lessons with an approved instructor to make sure you are not committing any serious driving faults and also familiarise yourself with some of the routes used as they could be complex.

Learning To Avoid Stalling A Car when Driving

One of the most important skills that a learner driver needs to master is how to avoid stalling a car, because you are going to be stopping and moving off a lot in the early stages of getting to grips with your tuition vehicle.

Even if you decide to go for automatic driving lessons, you will still have to learn the DSA POM routine as many provisional licence holders fail the UK driving test because they did not check their blind spot or did not make effective observations when moving off or performing a manuever.

Find a flat and quiet road where your teacher can spend enough time giving you a lot of practice finding the biting point and coordinating the clutch and accelerator pedals. It will be easier the more you do it.