Learning to Drive costs money

Learning to drive a car costs and benefits

If you are learning to drive a car, then you know that it costs money to have driving lessons, so I'm quite surprised why learner drivers don't prepare for this by either budgeting or saving in advance to cover the costs of learning to drive.

Even if you are not going to learn to drive with a driving instructor, it will still cost you money (if not you, then someone else), as you will need a vehicle, car insurance to drive with a provisional license, maintenance costs for the car and money to buy fuel especially with the current UK petrol costs. So whether you go with a driving school, an approved driving instructor or learn to drive privately it will still cost money which you need to budget for.

Driving Lessons with an Instructor

If you decide to learn to drive with an approved driving instructor (ADI or PDI), then there are a few things you should bear in mind before you choose the person to have driving tuition with. Many learner drivers go with the cheapest driving school they can find, and while they might thing they are saving money learning to drive, it could turn out to be the most expensive mistake they make preparing for the driving test.

Your first point of call when choosing an instructor to learn to drive with is friends or family who can recommend someone they have used his/her driving tuition services before. The road you take to learn to drive will be bumpy, as there will be times when you will have difficulties picking up some of the driving skills, so it is important you have a teacher that will be supportive and help you through any learning plateau.

You should also make sure you don't try and present your fake provisional driving licence to an ADI as they know what a genuine document looks like, and you could end up being in trouble with the police! Cutting corners doesn't always help.