Highway Code Required When Learning To Drive

If you are planning on learning to drive a car or motorcycle in the UK, then it is important that you not only get a copy of the Highway Code, but you actually master the contents, as it could be the difference between passing and failing especially if you are not taking lessons with a driving instructor.

Most people learning to drive will not pay attention to or read their highway code book once they have passed their theory test, but this is the wrong attitude to take, as I have seen many learners fail their practical tests due to silly mistakes which would have been prevented had they fully memorised the rules. signs or road markings that are in the highway code.

The video clip below shows an example of someone with a practical test the next day making a mistake which would cause them to fail the driving test.

If you spend 30 minutes each day reading some of the rules and regulations in the Highway Code, by the time you are ready to take the car test, you will have a wealth of knowlwdge that will ensure your success.