Learner Driver Journal

I usually advice anyone learning to drive with me to get a journal and use it to make notes of the learning process. Not everyone does it, because many people can not be bothered to put in any extra effort into learning to drive outside driving lessons and think that they can just rely on asking the instructor anything they to know about the DSA test and wonder why they take so long to be ready for the driving test, how many lessons they are taking and the amount of money being spent on the whole process.

You are not going to remember everything you did during driving lessons 3 days later, but if you have a learning to drive journal which you make notes in after your lesson especially about things you learnt, important skills you gained, mistakes you need to avoid, and any tips you were given to remember how to perform difficult tasks, then you are going to learn faster because you have a record of your learning.

The UK driving test is hard, but you can pass it if you perpare for it properly and put in the extra effort to make sure you acquire all the required skills before going to the driving test centre, and having a learning to drive journal that you have kept over the course of 40 lessons with your driving school instructor is going to help you in more than one way. Just going over things you've learnt, and those tips that you've been given will do your confidence a lot of good, there will be many mistakes that you will be able to avoid because you've been reminded of how to avoid them, and just looking back over how far you've come will encourage to keep going when the tough times arrive.

No matter how far you've got in your learning to drive a car journey and quest to get a full UK driving licence, it's not too late to start a journal, you can never have too much knowledge for a test, but you can always be under prepared!

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