Money Learning to Drive

Money to help learn to drive

Learning to drive does cost money, so it is no surprise that some people either look for cheap driving lessons or monetary help to cushion the cost of the learning process.

Money for driving lessons

Here in the UK, the only people who get government funding for driving lessons are those with serious mobility problems, and the money for learning to drive is provided via a charity called motability.

If you do not fall into the category of those that get help with learning to drive, then you will have to fund the driving lessons yourself. In these days of the credit crunch, you might be wondering where to get money from to help with your quest to learn to drive and past the driving test.

Well the truth of the matter is if you are serious about learning to drive, and your getting a job depended on passing the driving test and obtaining a licence then you might be willing to sacrifice some luxuries to spend on those driving lessons.

There are many people on benefits who sacrifice to have driving lessons because a licence would put them in a better position of getting a job.

There are a few things you could do if you really want to learn to drive, and are finding money scarce for driving lessons.

Eat in rather than out, change mobile phone from contract to pay as you go, forego luxuries etc.